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2017 Wheat Quality Webinar

What do test results tell you about your seed quality?
Physical, physiology, and pathology clues to quality?

SoDak Labs is offering an online learning opportunity on wheat testing. You will gain knowledge on proper testing protocol, along with an understanding of lab results and comments. Topics include:

  • Triphasic water up model
  • Fungi germination model (imbibition, prechill, temperature, mycelium/spores)
  • Fusarium life cycle, infection level and wheat germination
  • Warm germination methods: rolled towel, flat blotter, sand
  • Accelerated aging test
  • Herbicide tests
  • Cultivar purity tests

This online webiste is scheduled for Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 10AM CDT. There is no charge for this one hour webinar but pre-registration before Tuesday, May 16th is required so we can email you the link to watch this presentation.

Our instructor is Tim Gutormson, who brings 36 years of seed technology experience in testing and seed research. He has also instructed college level courses, workshops and webinars for 30 years. Tim has BS and MS degrees in Agronomy, is a Registered Seed Technologist of the SCST, past president of SCST, past chairman of the American Seed Research Foundation and the current chairman of Seed Testing Research Foundation. Tim is currently an owner of SoDak Labs, Inc., located in Brookings South Dakota.

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