Seed Quality Workshops


Workshop format and topics can be customized to meet the needs of a company and their individuals. Workshops use a PowerPoint concept presentation mixed with hands-on demonstrations. Workshops for Growers are typically two hours in duration. Workshops for production staff can be from 2 to 6 hours for in depth testing and quality principles. Seed Morphology, Moisture, Microbes, Germination and Vigor (MMMGV) are the standard concepts covered.

Soybean, Corn Seed Quality and Seed Sampling - June 13-15, 2017 (Brookings, SD)

Two day in-depth training on methods used for viability tests, vigor tests, fungi, physical tests, herbicide bioassays, ELISA, and cultivar purity tests. One day on seed sampling rules for ISTA, AOSA and CFIA. Includes methods to sample, sealing seed lots, subdividing samples and a review of ISTA certificates. An important workshop for persons responsible to pull samples.

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Corn/Soybean Pre-Harvest Prep - August 8-9, 2017 (Brookings, SD)

Designed to help seed production staff understand the principles of physiological maturity in seed and role of seed moisture and mechanical damage in seed quality. Format includes lectures on prin-ciples followed by hands-on activities testing seed moisture and performing mechanical damage tests (corn pericarp and soybean soak tests). Germination and cold tests are evaluated so produc-tion staff can see first-hand the expression of mechanical damage in seedling development. Trait testing and hybrid/variety purity tests are also demonstrated.

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Quality Systems - August 10, 2017 (Brookings, SD)

Basics to implementing a quality system. Learn how to create or improve your quality manual, procedures, work job instructions and quality records.

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Soybean Grower Workshop

July – September - Soybean Grower Workshops at your site with your growers and staff—Generally a two hour classroom workshop format. A 9-11am session followed by lunch and door prizes has proven to get good attendance and keep interest. Participants will gain hands on experience with imbibed seeds, seedlings and seed soak test to evaluate mechanical damage.

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Growers - Groups of 30-50 is ideal, we can accommodated up to 75 growers. Two hour session (9-11AM) followed by a dinner and few prizes for attending. MMMGV concepts with 4 to 5 hands-on activities and informal format which encourages questions.

Seed Production Staff - 5 to 50 staff with classroom lecture and hands on in an open discussion environment. This can include plant tours. Emphasizing steps of handling and processing. Mini workshops at a company’s annual meeting site also works well.

QA Laboratory Staff - Customized to company needs, usually MMMGV and Trait concepts. Includes 6-8 hands on exercises and open discussion of concepts and methods. Great quality improvement and educational session for QA lab staff.

Dealers and Chemical Applicators - groups of 25 to 150, 2 hour format on Morph-Moisture-Microbes-Germination. This is geared toward individuals involved with preserving seed quality while applying seed protectants. Specific diseases covered include Phomopsis ssp. seed decay in soybean, and Fusarium ssp. seed infection in wheat.


1. Principles of Seed Technology 4th Edition by Copeland and McDonald.

2. Seed Technologist Training Manual 2nd Edition by McDonald, Gutormson and Turnipseed.