Seed Sizing

Example of online shakeout tool

Example of online shakeout tool

Sheller Run Corn Sizing/ Cleaning/Treating Services

SoDak Labs can size sheller run corn lots (50-75 lbs) into 4-5 grades (24/19/16 or 15 and split Rounds and Flats on a 12 or 13/64 slot). Click here to watch how our process works. Aspirating and color sorting is available as needed. SoDak Labs uses a Satake FMS 2000 color sorter for this. We can apply standard or customer supplied formulations of seed treatments, package for seed testing and package winter grow outs. Trait and quality testing available through the laboratory. Common tests include: germination, 50f cold, 50f pre-conditioned cold (Sept-Oct new crop only), traits (herbicide and insect), hybrid purity/electrophoresis, sterile/fertile testing, and other custom tests as requested.

Shakeout Services (S04 & S064)

Shakeout 64 (S064)

SoDak labs will shakeout your bulk lots using small hand screens to provide data on each seed size between 25/64 and 15/64 along with seed counts for each size. This allows the client to go online and manipulate the size combinations to arrive at desired 80K bag weights. The client informs laboratory of desired 4 grade sizes and the lab combines sizes and treats 4 grade sizes.

Shakeout 4 (S04)

Client specifies screens (example: 24/20/16) and SoDak will shakeout those sizes. This information is stored online and the client can view discord percentage, percentage of sizes, and conversion to units.

Sized Seed Grow Out Packages

For companies who do their own sizing, we can treat, when required, and prepare grow outs on your sized seed.

Small Seed Lot Conditioning

SoDak Labs offers small seed lot conditioning (500 to 1200 pound seed lots or similar), aspiration, color sort, sizing, and treating. Customer supplies bags and treatments.



Corn Sizing Services