Oilseed Purity & Noxious Weed Examinations

Sunflower Seeds on slotted testing screen

Sunflower Seeds on slotted testing screen


Purity and Noxious weed seed examination or Other Seed determination can be conducted using the Association Official Seed Analysts (AOSA) Rules for Testing Seed or International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) testing methods. Samples are physically examined for inert, weed and crop seeds.

What is Reported

Pure seed, inert matter and other seed percentages by weight. For AOSA Rules other seeds are reported as other crop seed and common weed seeds per Handbook 29 classification.

Noxious weeds seeds in specific stat (s) or the entire lower 48 states are reported.

Value of Results

Purity and noxious results are required on the seed bag label.

Agronomically Accurate Seed Testing Results

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