Soybean Varietal Purity Tests

Soybean Varietal Purity Tests

Soybean hilium colors being evaluated

Soybean hilium colors being evaluated

Hilum Examination (VP)

Seeds are examined for true type hilum color. Off type hilum colors are weighed by color and reported. Hilum color is our recommended VP test for soybeans. Colors reported: Black, Imperfect black, brown, buff, yellow and gray.

Hypocotyl Color

200 seeds are grown at 25C using a peat/sand mix under intense light to promote true hypocotyl color expression in 7-day old seedlings. This is our second most utilized VP test. Colors reported: Purple or Green.

Peroxidase Reaction

6 seeds are tested by removal of seed coat and exposure to a Guaiacol/Hydrogen Peroxide solution. Reaction reported high or low.

Value of Results

These tests can help ID a mixture of varieties or tolerant to a herbicide trait.

Agronomically Accurate Seed Testing Results

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