Soybean Vigor Test

Soybean Vigor - Accelerated Aging (AA) Test

Soybeans ready to enter Accelerated Aging test

Soybeans ready to enter Accelerated Aging test


Accelerated aging is SoDak’s recommended vigor test for soybeans. Seed is aged in a water jacketed chamber for 72 hours at 41C in a high humidity regime. After aging seed is placed on crepe cellulose paper and covered with sand. Germination is evaluated 7 days after aging. Cold testing is available.

What is Reported

Percentage of normal seedlings after aging is reported. Fungal and physical damage notes may be noted.

Value of Results

A value within 15% of standard germination is considered strong, 16-30% difference is considered moderate and >30% difference is questionable. Cold testing soybeans in not recommended due to seed moisture migration.

Agronomically Accurate Seed Testing Results

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