Corn Pericarp Damage

Corn showing damage highlighted by dyeing process

Corn showing damage highlighted by dyeing process


200 seeds are dyed with a contrasting color and visually examined for abrasion and impact damage to the pericarp. See Pericarp Damage in Seed Corn for more information.

What is Reported

Damage is a percentage and reported as either:  severe, medium, light or no abrasion. Seeds with impact damage over the embryonic axis and/or broken seeds are rated severe.

Value of Results

Abrasion damage can occur from scuffing during handling and shelling seed/pedicel tip out of the cob. Often impact damage occurs from steel surfaces causing cracking/abrading of pericarp over embryonic axis. Test is often used to ID sources of damage within a conditioning facility.

Agronomically Accurate Seed Testing Results

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